[meteorite-list] AD: More rare & historic pieces on Ebay including EICHSTADT, ALBARETO, QUENGGOUK, SERES, IVUNA, KESEN, MEESTER-CORNELIS, TIESCHITZ, MAUERKIRCHEN, ENSISHEIM, UTZENSTORF, NOVO UREI and many many more……………..

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Fri Mar 29 19:33:21 EDT 2019

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 Hi all,

I have listed more rare and historic micro and macro meteorite specimens on
Ebay that all finish in the next 5 days. Many of these are listed in
auction format with NO RESERVE price! There are some very very hard to
acquire locations on this list.

In order of auction finishing time, the list is as follows:

Quenggouk, Drake Creek, Albareto, Bjurbole, Bishopsville, Allegan,
Richardton, Shelburne, Mbale, Siena, Moss, Chela, Vigarano, Trenzano, Bath
Furnace, Mezo-madaras, Seres, Hessle, Girgenti, Forestburg A, Udei Station,
Davy A, Travis A, Travis B, Roosevelt County 102, Patos de Minas, Mount
Tazerzait, Chateau Renard, Bouvante, Agen, Favars, Charsonville, Lancon,
Aumieres, Chantonnay, Ivuna, Stannern, Thuathe, Tabor, Norton County, Zag,
Apt, Agen, Parnallee, St. Michel, Meester-Cornelis, Kesen, EICHSTADT,
Tieschitz, Milena, Mauerkirchen, Jelica, Ensisheim, Soko Banja, Utzenstorf,
Daniel’s Kuil and Novo Urei! Quite a list!

 More to follow in the next week or so………….

You can see all my listings here:


 Please take a look if interested and good luck to all who decide to bid J



Martin Goff
IMCA #3387
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