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Sun Mar 31 15:58:19 EDT 2019

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Hi all,

More Rare and Historic meteorite specimens loaded onto Ebay, including the

Nerft, Zaoyang, Tennasilm, Adzhi-Bogdo, Yurtuk, Tugalin-Bulen, Buschhof,
Menow, Shalka, Dhurmsala.

Along with the below auctions not yet finished:

Quenggouk, Drake Creek, Albareto, Bjurbole, Bishopsville, Allegan,
Richardton, Shelburne, Mbale, Siena, Moss, Chela, Vigarano, Trenzano, Bath
Furnace, Mezo-madaras, Seres, Hessle, Girgenti, Forestburg A, Udei Station,
Davy A, Travis A, Travis B, Roosevelt County 102, Patos de Minas, Mount
Tazerzait, Chateau Renard, Bouvante, Agen, Favars, Charsonville, Lancon,
Aumieres, Chantonnay, Ivuna, Stannern, Thuathe, Tabor, Norton County, Zag,
Apt, Agen, Parnallee, St. Michel, Meester-Cornelis, Kesen, EICHSTADT,
Tieschitz, Milena, Mauerkirchen, Jelica, Ensisheim, Soko Banja, Utzenstorf,
Daniel’s Kuil and Novo Urei!

Quite a list! The terms 'Rare' and 'Historic' are often bandied about willy
nilly but in the case of some of these pieces, that's vastly under selling
them! You won't see some of these on offer again very soon, if at all, so
take this chance to add some super rare localities to your collections

Auctions finishing every night this week. You can see them all here:




Martin Goff
International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA) member #3387
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