[meteorite-list] Ad - For Sale or Trade - The Worlds First Approved CV7 - Only Two Pieces Available

Rob Wesel nakhladog at comcast.net
Sun Mar 31 17:12:44 EDT 2019

Hello All

A couple days ago I awoke to several congratulatory emails on being the 
owner of the only approved CV7 on the planet. I submitted this stone 
some 15 years ago. It was classified and given the name NWA 2653. Over 
the years this material has been swimming around as a primitive 
achondrite. Papers suggested L7, Metachondrite, CR, CV3, etc. As of Met 
Bulletin 108 it has been finally established as the worlds first CV7. 
Most of this material went to science (NAU, PSF, UW, UWO, UWS, CIW) to 
help figure it out.

The photography is difficult as I had this polished out to 4 microns, 
only scientists wanted it so I just had it prepped for the microprobe to 
make life easier. PM and I can take more photos via text.

It's not pretty. They skipped CV4, CV5, and CV6 altogether and came to 
the consensus that if you had to imagine the most baked out burnt 
biscuit of a CV there is no room left argue, just make this a 7, nothing 
can be more toasted. This is the shriveled up chain-smoking grandma to 
the young'uns like Axtell, Vigarano, Allende...

Very little of this 50 gram stone is available to collectors. This is 
all that remains and I'm keeping one of them.


Rob Wesel
Nakhla Dog Meteorites 			 			 				 			 			
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