[meteorite-list] Where to order my Meteorite Thin Section Books

Peter Marmet p.marmet at thinsections.ch
Fri Jul 3 05:41:09 EDT 2020


my two Meteorite Thin Section Books can be ordered at https://www.blurb.com for customers in the US.

„blurb“ has also subsidiary companies in:
Australia,   https://au.blurb.com

Brazil,   https://br.blurb.com

Canada,   https://www.blurb.ca

Germany,   https://www.blurb.de

France,    https://www.blurb.fr

Spain,   https://www.blurb.es

Holland,   https://nl.blurb.com

Italy,   https://it.blurb.com

UK,   https://www.blurb.co.uk

Just log in and search for "Peter Marmet“ in the book shop.

Note: the two books are rather expensive. Reason: Only a few people are interested in Meteorite Thin Sections, so it did not make sense to have 500 or so books printed and 
therefore the books are only „Print On Demand“…


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