[meteorite-list] meteorite-related: Summer Science Saturday Comes to You!

Dolores Hill dhill at lpl.arizona.edu
Wed Jul 8 17:29:16 EDT 2020

Greetings Meteorite Friends!

We hope you are all doing well! This year the University of Arizona's 
Lunar and Planetary Laboratory _Summer Science Saturday_ is coming to 
you! So this time, everyone can join us!
What: Summer Science Saturday presents OSIRIS-REx Zoom Lecture by 
Professor Dante Lauretta Date: Saturday, August 1, 2020 Time: 1:00 PM 
(Arizona - Mountain Standard Time) Register for Zoom access: 
lpl.arizona.edu/outreach/groups-activities/sss We invite you to join us 
for this special Zoom lecture by Professor Dante Lauretta, principal 
investigator for the OSIRIS-REx mission, as he describes exciting 
mission findings and the final preparations for sample collection. The 
spacecraft is scheduled to acquire a sample from the surface of asteroid 
Bennu in October and then return it to Earth in 2023. You will have to 
register for the Zoom. Go to the “Register Here” link on the Summer 
Science Saturday website: 
lpl.arizona.edu/outreach/groups-activities/sss. _If you have any 
questions, please contact:_ Maria Schuchardt (email address: 
mariams at lpl.arizona.edu) Space Imagery Center Lunar and Planetary 
Laboratory University of Arizona Best regards, Dolores Hill University 
of Arizona - Lunar and Planetary Laboratory

-- Dolores H. Hill Sr. Research Specialist Lunar & Planetary Laboratory 
Kuiper Space Sciences Bldg. #92 The University of Arizona 1629 E. 
University Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85721 http://www.lpl.arizona.edu/ OSIRIS-REx 
Asteroid Sample Return Mission Communication & Public Engagement Team 
Lead OSIRIS-REx Ambassadors program Co-lead OSIRIS-REx Target Asteroids! 
citizen science program Co-coordinator Target NEOs! observing program of 
the Astronomical League Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers - 
Meteorite Section http://osiris-rex.lpl.arizona.edu/ 

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