[meteorite-list] Meteorite Finds for Google Earth

Ben Fisler fislerite at msn.com
Wed Sep 9 15:44:18 EDT 2020

I have regenrated the an updated version of the file I mentioned from the Meteoritical Society's database and uploaded it to my website.

This one is current as of June 8th, 2010.

Please note that this is now a zip file (~600k) and contains all of the meteorites in the database, in two parts. The first part is all of the meteorites from the entire world with the exception of Antarctica and the second part is just Antarctica.

Also note that there seems to be a small problem in the way the Antarctic part loads in Google Earth. I have found that it will load properly if you start up Google Earth first and then open the file from within the program. I am not sure what causes the incorrect behavior.


Richard Kowalski
Full Moon Photography
IMCA #1081

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