[meteorite-list] AD: 0.99$ Ebay auctions with no reserve price ending this saturday

Saharock Com nourddine2010 at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 25 10:38:12 EDT 2020

Dear list
here is some of my Ebay Auctions Ending This saturday most of them are starting with 0.99$ with no reserve price 
please check them on : https://tinyurl.com/y5xvctxr
the auctions  includes: 
Erg chech 002 achondrite ungrouped 
Martian shergottite olivine gabbroic NWA 12241 Individuals 
Chwichiya 002 Meteorite Carbonaceous chondrite C3.00, ungrouped Rare ! 
Meteorite Golden Pallasite Fragment with amazing olivine crystal
Meteorite Achondrite NWA 12480 Acapulcoite primitive slice low tkw
Meteorite New HED chondrite Diogenite - from Morocco slice
NWA 11756 Brachinite primitive Achondrite 
NWA 12858 R3 Rumuruti meteorite
Talsint mesosiderite meteorites
Aydar Acapulcoite rare primitive Achondrite meteorite, 
Winonaite Meteorite NWA 12483 Primitive achondrite 
NWA 12344 Eucrite Polymict Meteorite 
NWA 11757 - Primitive achondrite : Ureilite , 
NWA 12342 HED Eucrite Melt Breccia meteorite AIR-CHOCOLATE INDIVIDUAL, 
NWA 12341 L3 Chondrite Meteorite - Unshocked 
NWA 12343 CV3 Carbonaceous chondrite Meteorite, 
NWA 12475 Highly recrystallized chondrite LL6 Slice 
and much more. https://tinyurl.com/y5xvctxr
Best regards
Azelmat Norddine
IMCA 5743

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