[TDA_announce] TDA in IAU

Patricia Whitelock paw at saao.ac.za
Sat Apr 25 03:45:44 EDT 2015


I agree with Virginia, Knox etc

Many thanks to you for continuing this despite the setback.
We should look at Working group in "Data & Documentation" with links to 
other divisions.

It is also worth asking the GS for a list of "experts" that were not 
represented in our proposal.


On 25/04/2015 00:00, Knox Long wrote:
> First, Rob, I think all of us should thank you and others who led this 
> effort for the work and time you have put into the proposal .
> Second, I thought the decision was a horrible one, given how rapidly 
> this field is growing and how international it is in scope.
> Third, I agree with Virginia it is better to be in the IAU than out, 
> and that a WG is the best available option
> Cheers,
> Knox
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