[GreatFET] GreatFET intermittent startup

Carl Wall cwall at bell.net
Thu May 9 03:17:42 EDT 2019

Hi Kate

Used  gf fw --auto  and firmware upgraded to git-2019.5.1.dev0 from 2018.12.1
now have stable start up on GreatFET when the board is warm or cold.

cwall at debian2:~$ gf fw --auto
Trying to find a GreatFET device...
GreatFET One found. (Serial number: 000057cc67e631a64f57)
Writing data to SPI flash...
Written 84812 bytes of 84812.
Write complete!
Resetting GreatFET...
Reset complete!

cwall at debian2:~$ greatfet info
Found a GreatFET One!
  Board ID: 0
  Firmware version: git-2019.5.1.dev0
  Part ID: a0000a30644f68
  Serial number: 000057cc67e631a64f57


> ---------- Original Message ----------
> From: Kate Temkin <ktemkin at greatscottgadgets.com>
> Date: May 8, 2019 at 7:19 PM
> Hi, Carl:
> Can I ask if you've upgraded your GreatFET's firmware since receiving it?
> The firmware version flashed in the factory has a system clock driver
> that's a bit sensitive to the "natural" silicon variations within the
> GreatFET's LPC4330-- which did result in intermittent startup on some units
> running that firmware version.
> I've since replaced the driver with a much more robust one -- which should
> hopefully fix your issue. You can check your firmware version with the `gf
> info` command; and if you've e.g. installed GreatFET from pip, you can
> perform a firmware update by running `gf fw --autoflash`.
> -- Kate

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