[TDA_announce] Feedback on Time Domain proposal from the IAU Executive Committee

Rob Seaman seaman at noao.edu
Fri Apr 24 15:22:59 EDT 2015

Hello supporters of an IAU Time Domain Commission,

I have the duty to report that our proposal has been rejected to create a new IAU Time Domain Commission.  The post mortem from the IAU Exec is appended.  It is indeed hard to argue that the proposal was not very broad, like the time domain itself.  The co-chairs would value your feedback on the remaining comments from the Exec or on any other issues.  Please reply to the group at:

	tda_announce at timedomainastronomy.net     (Moderation may be disabled if it gets in the way.)

The first deliverable of the virtual commission was its interim web page:


which includes links to the final proposal and to the long list of supporters, including many from "Europe (outside of UK), South American and East Asia”.  (I count 21.)  This has now been recast as a time domain resource list under the “Hotwired” label:


Your contributions to the resource list will continue to be welcome.

Your input is specifically requested on the issue of forming an IAU Time Domain Working Group.  Please indicate your preference:

	[  ] Yes, form a Working Group within the “Data and Documentation” Commission
	[  ] No IAU Working Group
	[  ] Instead, an IAU WG under a different Commission
	[  ] Other (please specify)

Thank you for your support!

Rob Seaman

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> Date: April 24, 2015 at 9:13:24 AM MST
> From: Thierry Montmerle <montmerl at iap.fr>
> To: Rob Seaman <seaman at noao.edu>
> Subject: Proposed Commission: Feedback for the Executive Committee
> Dear Rob,
> Please find below the feedback message from the Executive Committee on your Proposal for a Commission.
> Best wishes,
>        Thierry
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 
> NC-105    Time Domain
> Science and methods in the time-domain have been and will continue to be
> an important astronomical topic. However, with reference to the
> Commission Call Guidelines (in particular, sections 1.2 and 5.2),
> the Executive Committee concluded that this proposal was too broad and not specific
> enough about planned activities and actual deliverables in the next 3 -
> 6 years, beyond fostering discussion. Furthermore, there are many
> experts in this area from Europe (outside of UK), South American and
> East Asia, regions not represented by the proposers. Finally, there was
> no plan for enabling Working Groups in specific areas. Looking forward,
> the proposers are encouraged to form a Working Group within the "Data
> and Documentation" Commission for the next triennium, develop a more
> focused proposal, and re-propose to become a Commission in three years.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 
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> France
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