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Hi all, 

Under the situation, the WG sounds like a way to go. As mentioned by some of us, the data vs. division G is something we have to decide. Would it be possible to kind of cross-list the WD under a few divisions? Then consider that option. Otherwise, my personal/biased favorite is not on the data category as this represents only one face of the TD science (albeit it is an important and "hot" topic). Anyway, I am ok with either way. The most important thing is to keep the activity going on. 


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I agree to a TD WG, but not under data and documentation. As suggested by Elizabeth, Division G may be more appropriate.


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Hi Bob,

Yes it may be unwieldy, but I was really trying to protect the TDA from a different fate - that of being labelled as "Data and Documentation", as the EC seems to want.  I accept that if 'm the only minority voice then I will go along with what the rest want, but I would seriously recommend discussing with at least the President of Div G (Ignai Ribas, Spain) the possibility of a new WG being hosted by his Division instead (or as well).  All of the topics now represented by Commissions of Div G were forefront topics at the TDA Symposium in 2011.  I just believe it will be harder to "grow out of" a label that a TDA WG is only about data, than it will be to *include* that label from a more solid position within astrophysics.  It would be equally difficult to emerge from a cradle within Astroinformatics and into astrophysics, without having earned the label of being only about data and computing.



> It seems a bit unwieldy to me to create so many WGs, but that¹s really up to you all.
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